Wastewater Treatment

wtp_lippo_cikarangLippo Cikarang Industrial Estate

Lippo Cikarang was one of the first Industrial Estate in Indonesia to have a centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant. The 5,000 m3/day wastewater treatment plant was designed to treat wastewater discharged from various industries located in the 300 hectare estate. More than 50% of the wastewater consisted of high strength wastewater from Batik Textile works. The treatment sequence used in the plant is unique to Envitech in that the wastewater undergoes Biological Treatment first and then followed by a Physico-chemical stage. The discharge from the centralized treatment plant has been well within the government’s standard.

wtp_denpasarDenpasar Sewerage Development Project (DSDP)

This current project is of interest because when completed, Denpasar will be the first large city in Indonesia with a major sewerage system and sewage treatment. Project finance and main contractor are from Japan and Envitech has supplied the Aqua Aerobics Surface Aerators which will be installed in the large aerated lagoon.

Envitech has installed several hundred Aqua Aerobics Aerators in Indonesia and they have the highest reputation for performance and reliability.