High Purity Water

pertamina_balonganPERTAMINA Balongan

This is a single-train Demineraliser with pretreatment filtration, producing high quality (4 ms/cm) water for Boiler feed. Plant capacity is 100 m3/hour. The plant is built to Oil Industry standards. The CCR Packed Bed system used by Envitech for this plant resulted in production of treated water exceeding the Client Specification by more than 10% both for quality and for quantity of water. The chemical efficiency of the process also results in lower chemical consumption and therefore lower water production cost.

styrindoStyrindo Mono Indonesia

This prominent Monomer manufacturing company in Bojonegara, Banten, wanted to substitute it’s high cost Desalination Plant with a Demineralization Plant, to provide high purity Boiler Feed Water. With a Design capacity of 48 m3/hour, the Demin plant was put into operation mid 2004 and has consistently produced demineralized water with a conductivity of <1.0 microsiemens/cm and a Silica level of <0.05 ppm. By using this Packed Bed, Counter-current Cation / Anion Unit the company has met it’s objective of reducing Operation Cost associated with Boiler Feed Water production.