Recycle Wastewater Treatment


This is a waste water treatment plus recycle water treatment plant, installed at the large Unilever production facility in Surabaya. First stage is conventional biological treatment of the waste water, with some tertiary treatment to further reduce contaminants, and this is followed by a reverse osmosis (RO) unit, supplied as a container-mounted package for rapid installation.

Treated water from the RO plant is of high purity and is recycled for use as boiler feed water. Reject water from the RO plant has a high salt concentration and is normally discharged to drain, but in this case Unilever have a process use for the reject water.

As a result, the installation of this plant has completely eliminated waste water discharge from the factory. There are also cost savings in reducedpurchase of PDAM water, and in boiler water treatment cost – this resulting in a “payback time” of less than 3 years.